About us

Erlebniskontor GmbH: creative, imaginative, competent

We design exhibitions, knowledge worlds, theme parks, develop approaches and educational programmes, devise marketing strategies and consult management – all under one roof. From one small idea to something bigger and sustainable, either overall planning and project development or redesigning an installation: we oversee all stages of the realisation.

Comprehensive approach

Varied focus, joint product: an interdisciplinary team begins by developing a creative overall concept. We want to tell stories, pick up visitors and take them on a journey. The design of the space is just as important to us as communicating the contents. The design team transforms ideas and visions into adventure worlds through scenography and graphic elements, while texts, audio dramas, interactive exhibits, film scripts and educational programmes are produced by the content and education team in order to convey a message. Consequently, unique items are created which leave their mark on visitors.

Fantasy knows no boundaries – reality does.

For years, not only have we successfully designed limitless, imaginative adventure worlds for businesses and local authorities, but we also know how to operate economically and, at the same time, become a magnet for visitors. From the overall planning and project development, to redesigning an institution.

Invaluable experiences

Furthermore, our consultancy and creative agency does much more, enabling us to provide you with something that no amount of money in the world can buy. We create experiences to be remembered in the adventure worlds. With us, even the smallest of tourist attractions is an exciting destination.