Berlin: Haus der Zukunft/Futurium – Feasibility Study and Consulting

Directly next to the new German Federal Ministry for Education and Research on Kapelle-Ufer, the Futurium (formerly known as the Haus der Zukunft/House of the Future) will create a central location for visualising the future – a window onto the world of tomorrow. At the same time, the building is also to become a “showcase” for Germany as a hub of science and innovation.

The client has received advice from us at several stages, for example with the development of a feasibility study that addressed design-related, scientific and organisational issues. Between 2011 and 2012, we also acted as an expert advisor during the architecture competition for the Haus der Zukunft and then on questions pertaining to the individual functions and areas of the building from a user and operator perspective during the preliminary design stage and draft phase (by 2014).