Hanau: Brothers Grimm Culture Centre – Concept Development

The brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm spent their childhood and young teenage years in Hanau. To this day, there are still many traces of the Brothers Grimm to be found in the city of around 90,000 people in the Rhine/Main area.

In 2012, we supported the city of Hanau with concrete ideas on how to establish a new point of focus in the childhood home of the Brothers Grimm and to really put the Brothers on the map in both the state of Hesse and in Germany.

The focal point will be the Brothers Grimm Cultural Centre: the two exhibition areas of “Grimmland” and “Fairytale Wonderland” provide creative and surprising ways to encounter the academics Jakob and Wilhelm and fun and challenging insights into children’s and household tales. There are also writing, painting and theatre workshops as additional modules, as well as an optional room for a Brothers Grimm archive and the “Hanau Marionnette Theatre”.