Hanover: Zoo Hannover – Footfall Predictions

In partnership with KMF GmbH, we (at that time still Petri & Tiemann GmbH) were commissioned to predict visitor numbers to gauge the potential of Hanover zoo back in 1999.

In the context of the development steps planned and market changes, another prognosis was required in 2012 to cover the next few years. The analysis tries to take into account internal conditions, but also the changing competitive environment and other market conditions.

Alongside the customer, we analysed the current situation and future concept ideas, target groups and aims, as well as discussing existing and future potential. In a series of additional steps, we conducted a market analysis (potential and competitors), and reviewed the development of the zoo and other major competitors of the Hanover zoo in Germany. The study was completed with an outlook to potential visitor trends for the next few years.