Husum: “Kultourwert Westküste” – Competition Entry

“Kultourwert Westküste” A total of seven projects on Schleswig-Holstein’s North Sea coast have joined forces under this name in order to be able to apply for funding (specifically: integrated territorial investments) together. The projects came together on the basis of their shared idea to preserve and promote the region’s historical cultural heritage.

Integrated territorial investments (or ITIs for short) are a new instrument developed by the EU to implement specific strategies and concepts by region. They enable a local bundling of funds – usually from various EU structural and investments funds. The “Tourismus- und Energiekompetenzregion Westküste” (west coast region of tourism and energy excellence) in Schleswig-Holstein is now in the second phase of the competition to apply for ITIs for projects there. In this context, we accompanied and supported the “Kultourwert Westküste” concept over the long term.

With the aid of specific workshops, the individual projects honed their profiles, worked on their application documents and developed an exciting, shared umbrella concept. The aim of the concept is to secure and develop unique cultural locations and institutions on the west coast in a sustainable way that protects resources. With the aid of these sustainability strategies, they are sure to learn from one another so that they can implement them within the association. This lowers operating costs, tests innovative approaches for optimising energy consumption by public cultural monuments and emphasises the value of cultural heritage.